Cutting in action.
  • MS932 cutting torch with quick release nozzles.
  • Simple N/S/E/W co-ordinate control with speed control and motor on / off gas control.
  • Toggle switch for head up / down.
  • Automatic torch ignition switched from control panel.
  • Solenoid switches for heating gases on / off and cutting O2 on / off.
  • OL200 torch lifter.
  • Multi-torch option available.
...Customer Requirements = Bespoke Solutions
Designed and built in the UK with robust construction, easy operation and high quality.

The SlabCutter was originally conceived as a bespoke solution to a customers requirement for a simple cutting machine for Titanium slabs.

With multi-torch options available, the SlabCutter is perfect for the harsh everyday life of a slab / strip cutting system.