Cutting in action.
  • Burny 2.5 Plus CNC control.
  • Touch screen control.
  • AC digital drives.
  • Quick release manual chuck 55 -250mm diameter range.
  • Arc Voltage torch height control with touch and retract initial height sensing.
  • Height adjustable captive bearing pipe supports.
  • Through chuck fume extraction.
  • Simple to use offline-programming system.
Developed in the UK the PipeCutter is based on a heavy duty steel box section frame. The machine length can be manufactured to suit your required pipe length, up to 20 metres.

Initially designed for the street lamp manufacturing industry we have also built variants for other applications.

There is also the possibility for use on square and rectangular box section.
...World Class Pipe Profiling
Messer PipeCutter.
Plasma Power Sources
Powermax 1250 * Other power sources available to suit your individual requirements
Tools Torches and Suspensions Controls
Pneumatic Chuck High Speed Suspension Touch Screen & Pipe Marking Software
Drilling Head
Options Include
  • Pneumatic chuck.
  • Tapered pipe cutting.
  • Drilling head.
  • Up to 20 Metres working length.
  • Polymer fibre DNC.
  • Touch screen operators panel.
  • Extra pipe supports.
  • Other diameter ranges available.
...World Class Pipe Profiling - In Action