Cutting in action.
  • Cutting widths up to 4 mtr.
  • Cutting Speeds up to 35 mtr/min.
  • Working lengths virtually unlimited.
  • Brushless AC digital drives.
  • Up to six oxy-fuel torches with magnetic height sensing.
  • CNC gas regulation - OmniFlow.
  • Up to two plasma systems.
  • Optional plasma bevel head - Skew Delta.
  • Optional drilling head with auto-tool changer.
  • Optional tube cutting axis.
  • Marking systems: Ink-Jet, plasma, scribe (OmniScript) and powder.
  • Global S or Global Plus controls.
  • Optional camera for viewing cutting zone.
  • Optional web interface for remote diagnostics / viewing machine.
...Simply Uncompromising
The 35 m/min high power drives give fast positioning and accurate cuts, even around fine contours.

The ability to park unused heads over the wheel housings maximises plate utilisation with the heads used.

A wide choice of marking processes means you can pick the ideal one for your production.

Naturally multiple torch cutting is possible in both oxyfuel and plasma modes for high productivity.