Cutting in action.
Cortina CNC®
KS30 mark 2 CNC
  • 10.4" TFT Touch Screen.
  • USB Slot.
  • Windows XP Embedded Operating System.
  • 8 Direction Keypad.
  • Integrated step-less arc voltage torch height control.
  • Fast DXF file conversion.
  • Plug compatible with old units.
  • Can be used with the original drives, or with an upgrade of AC Digital Drives.
  • Network compatible - Optional Extra.
KS30 mark 2 CNC
The Cortina cutting machine has been a very successful addition to the Messer machine portfolio, serving its customers well for over a decade.

The Cortina machines are still running well but the control panel is becoming obsolete, with spare part availability reducing and key components having a high replacement cost.

The new Cortina CNC is built with modern components and is plug compatible with old units making installation easy and downtime of machine is kept to a minimum.

The new CNC can be used with existing drives or an upgrade to AC Digital Drives is available as an option.
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