Kjellberg Machine Plasma.
Kjellberg PA-S70W
Plasma cutting unit for manual and mechanized cutting.

Plasma cutting of all electrically conductive materials up to 70mm (max.) with fluid-cooled hand or machine torch. PA-S70W
  • with plasma gas air or with plasma gas mixture H35 (65%Ar/35%H2) for optimum cutting results,
  • even suitable for plasma gouging.
Excellently suitable for semi-automated cutting jobs.
Suitable for straight, profile and bevel cutting up to 60° in all positions, for piercing, for hole and slot cutting, for gouging.

High cutting performance:
  • By FineFocus principle up to six times higher cutting speed compared to gas cutting (depending on material thickness)
  • High voltage ignition
  • Running cutting start and running piercing possible, no reference point necessary
  • Automatic power increase if the pilot arc contacts the work-piece
  • Up to five times longer life of nozzles and cathodes compared to air cooled torches due to water cooling
  • Soft start circuit increases the life time of consumables
FineFocus-cutting quality:
  • Both cutting surfaces applicable for further use
  • Small kerfs, minimal material loss
  • Plasma gas H35 ensures metallically clean cutting surfaces (material depending)
Large variety of application:
  • Application of fluid cooled hand torch (PB-S70 WH-1) or machine torch (PB-S70 W-1)
  • Standard torches with 6 m, 10 m or 15 m hose parcel
  • Extended operating range of plasma hand torches with up to 25 m long hose parcel
  • Extension of operating range of machine torch up to 50 m possible
  • For plasma gas mixture H35 a plasma gas connection unit PGA is necessary
  • By changing only the cathode-nozzle system the torches are suitable for plasma gases air or H35, or for gouging
  • HF-protected torches and hose parcel extensions for CNC-controlled guiding systems
  • INTERLOCK standard for connection to CNC-controlled guiding systems
Plasma cutting and plasma gouging - two technologies with only one machine

Kjellberg plasma torches can be reset from the version for plasma cutting to the application for plasma gouging and vice versa in a few seconds. There need to be replaced nozzle and protection cap only. With this concept a high availability of the system is guaranteed.
Compared to gouging with carbon electrodes, a host of technological advantages result, i.e.:
  • no effected zone of the material
  • no grinding
  • lower heat penetration and therefore lower warpage
  • good observation of the process performance
  • reduction of noise level and smoke generation

Technical data:

Mains voltage (V) 3x 400 (50 Hz)
Fuse, slow (A) 125
Connecting power
(60% d.c. / 100% d.c.)
(kVA) 75 / 60
Protection class - IP 22
Insulation class - F
Open circuit voltage (V) 370(DC)
Cutting current (A) 80 / 160 / 240
Cutting current
at 80 % d.c.
at 100 % d.c.
(A) 240
Cutting thickness
- maximum
- recommended
(mm) 70 (material depending)
45 (material depending)
Plasma gases - Air and H35
Cooling - Fluid (Kjellfrost)
Ignition - High voltage
Weight (kg) 460
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1380 x 870 x 1080