Kjellberg Machine Plasma.
Kjellberg HiFocus 160i
Plasma cutting inverter with PLUS technology.

Plasma cutting equipment for CNC controlled cutting of electrically conductive materials with machine torches and plasma gases oxygen, nitrogen or argon/hydrogen mixtures. HiFocus 160i
  • with HiFocus technology from 0.5 to 50 mm (material depending)
  • Recommended range for production from 0.5 to 30 mm (technology depending)
  • Piercing with arc depending height control up to 30 mm
  • Plasma torch suitable for marking and punch setting also on coated materials without changing torch parts; plasma gas control unit FlowControl necessary
HiFocus technology:
  • Cost saving alternative to laser cutting with less than a fourth of installation and running costs
  • Fast cutting start because of very short transition time
  • Low squareness and inclination tolerances of the cutting surface; nearly no rework required
  • Precise profiles when cutting sharp edges or narrow radii
  • Cutting of small holes
  • HiFocus technology grants high part accuracy
  • No or easy to remove slag adherence
Power source HiFocus 160i:
  • Flexible adaptation to two or three dimensional guiding systems, as there are robots, profile cutting machines or tube cutting machines
  • Flexible adaptation of the process sequence to the cutting conditions by soft-switch inverter with microprocessor control
  • Longevity of torch consumables because of second gas ignition and nozzle saving piercing with swirl-gas technology
  • Optimum process control due to very fast cutting-current adaptation
  • Process monitoring for torch cooling, ignition time, pilot arc time, short circuit time at torch ignition, power source, etc.
  • Indication of operation sequences, fault report by LED and display
  • Provided with analogue interface for CNC-controls and serial interface as well
  • Serial data transfer to PC for diagnostic purposes
  • Step-less cutting-current adjustment from 10 to 160 A for cutting, and 4 to 25 A for marking
  • Optimum piercing capabilities by step-less time delay for the main arc and adjustable current raise in four steps
  • Adjustable current reduction at corner-, start- and stop signals from the guiding system
  • Automatic display of the pre-selected cutting current
Plasma torch PerCut 160:
  • Plasma cutting torch PerCut 160 with newly developed nozzle-cathode concept and swirl-gas technology ensures absolute stable main arc properties
  • Longevity of consumables due to water cooling, swirl gas and dual-gas ignition
  • Hose parcel extensions 10 m, 20 m, 30 m or 40 m long enlarge the operational radius in connection with a plasma ignition box up to 56 m
  • Special torches for particularly applications available on request (robot types; with short and/or bended shafts)
  • Plasma torch PerCut 170-2 with quick-disconnect head (bayonet catch) for time saving changes of worn consumables or for quick adaptation to other plasma gases
  • Plasma gas-control unit FlowControl consisting of plasma gas-valve unit (PGV) and plasma gas controller (PGC) enables automatic gas flow control in dependence to the material quality and thickness from data banks, installed in the PGC or the CNC control of the guiding system

Technical data:

Mains voltage (V) 3x 400 (50 Hz)
Fuse, slow (A) 50
Connecting power (kVA) 33
Circuit breaker A 50 "C"
Protection class - IP 22
Open circuit voltage (V) 400
Cutting current
- Plasma cutting
- Marking
(A) 10 - 160 (step-less); 100A/100% d.c.
4 - 25 (step-less)
Piercing with height sensing system (mm) 30
Cutting thickness
- maximum
- recommended
(mm) 50 (material depending)
30 (material depending)
Plasma gases - Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon/Hydrogen
Marking gas - Argon
Swirl gases - Oxygen/Nitrogen, Nitrogen, F5
Cooling - Fluid(Kjellfrost)
Ignition - High voltage
Weight (kg) 196
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 960 x 540 x 1050