Kjellberg Machine Plasma.
Kjellberg FineFocus 800
Plasma cutting unit with PLUS technology.

FineFocus 800Plasma cutting machine FineFocus 800 and FineFocus 800/TWIN now with PLUS technology preferred for automated and mechanized cutting of all electrically conductive materials on cutting tables or with robots; with or without swirl-gas; also under water.
  • Cutting range up to max. 80 mm thickness (material depending), quality cut up to 60 mm thickness, piercing with arc-voltage controlled height-sensing system up to 40 mm thickness
  • Outstanding cutting quality and longevity of nozzles by swirl-gas technology
  • Metallically clean cutting edges, dross free resp. nearly no dross
  • Multiple-gas regime for plasma gases air, O2, Ar/H2/N2, Ar/H2, ArN2 for cutting results normally free of after treatment and therefore cost saving
  • The plasma cutting machine FineFocus 800 is a unit with only one plasma torch connection
  • Plasma cutting machine FineFocus 800/TWIN means: Unit with simultaneous connection of two plasma torches and changing use depending on process
Equipment possibilities:
  • FineFocus 800 compact = direct plasma torch connection; torch hose parcel max. 15 m length
  • FineFocus 800 distance = plasma torch connection via plasma ignition box and hose parcel extension, range of action max. 55 m from power source
  • FineFocus 800 Robo = with special plasma torch for robot application
Characteristics of the FineFocus 800:
  • FineFocus technique with PLUS technology for mild steel with the slightest inclination tolerance and very high cutting speed
  • or Double-Straight-Effect for the technological use of both cutting edges, no waste
  • Cutting with suction (dry-plasma cutting) or cutting under water (UWP)
  • Metallurgicaly perfect cutting edges by XL-Life-Time System for cutting of mild steel with oxygen; no after treatment for the following welding operation necessary
  • High reliability of plasma torches through a direct and extremely effective cooling of the beam generation system and the torch head
  • Manual plasma cutting with powerful hand torch PB-S75 WH-1 up to max. 80 mm thickness (material depending)
  • Step-less adjustable cutting current between 80 A and 300 A at 100 % duty cycle
  • Plasma rectifier with 12-pulse circuit for an extremely smooth cutting current; high efficiency and power factor
  • Excellent suitable for CNC-controlled application
  • Contact-less high-voltage ignition for start of pilot arc
  • Direct pre-selection of plasma gases and plasma gas mixtures (O2, air, Ar/H2, Ar/H2/N2)
  • Quick adaptation to numerically controlled guiding systems by serial, compatible interface
  • Pre-selection of rate of current rise for a nozzle saving process
  • Preset control for pre-selection of cutting current and digital display for cutting current and arc voltage
  • Select-control for setting of cutting current from potentiometer of power source by remote control or CNC system (cutting table, robot, direct setting)
  • Service-friendly diagnosis system for control and monitoring of working conditions: Stand-by, pilot arc, main arc, pilot arc limitation, nozzle protection circuit, control mains connection, coolant flow, coolant temperature, plasma gas, thermal overload, cumulative error
  • Correspond to highest safety regulations according to BGV D1

Technical data:

Mains voltage
(others on request)
(V) 3x 400 (50 Hz)
Fuse, slow (A) 125
Connecting power (kVA) 83
Protection class - IP 22
Insulation class - F
Open circuit voltage (V) 400
Cutting current (A) 80 - 300 (step-less)
Piercing, max. (mm) 40
Cutting thickness (dry)
- maximum
- recommended
(mm) 80 (material depending)
60 (material depending)
Plasma gases - Air, Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen
Cooling - Fluid (Kjellfrost)
Ignition - High voltage
Weight (kg) 566
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1320 x 844 x 1470