Kjellberg Machine Plasma.
Kjellberg FineFocus 450
Plasma cutting unit with swirl-gas technology.

FineFocus 450Plasma cutting unit preferred for CNC controlled cutting of all electrically conductive materials with guiding machine or robot.
  • Cutting range up to 45 mm material thickness (material depending), quality cut up to 25 mm thickness, piercing by arc voltage controlled height sensing system up to 25 mm and stationary up to 12 mm.
  • Excellent cutting quality and longevity of cutting nozzles by swirl-gas technology.
  • Metallic clean cutting surfaces, cuts free or nearly free of dross and cutting results after treatment-free by pre-selection of the suitable plasma gas mixture: Air, O2, Ar/H2/N2, Ar/H2, Ar/N2).
  • Small kerfs, minimal material loss and therefore low pollution by FineFocus principle.
  • XL-Life system for metallurgical perfect cutting of mild steel, no after treatment necessary if welding follows.
  • High reliability of plasma torches by direct and high-effective cooling of plasma torch.
Characteristics of the FineFocus 450:
  • Step-less adjustable cutting current between 40 and 130 A (100 A at 100 % duty cycle).
  • Excellent cutting properties by smooth current due to 12-pulse bridge circuit.
  • Contact-less high-voltage ignition of pilot arc.
  • Pre-set control of cutting current and digital display of cutting current and cutting voltage.
  • Select-control of cutting current by potentiometer, remote control or CNC control (guidance system, robot or direct control).
  • Direct pre-selection of plasma gases or plasma gas mixtures (Air, Air, O2, Ar/H2/N2, Ar/H2, Ar/N2).
  • User-friendly and extensive diagnostics and service system for control of the most important operating states by LED-displays.
  • Excellent suitability for industrial use for CNC-controlled cutting tasks.
  • Fulfils safety requirements of EN 60974-1, EN 50078 and EN 50192.
Plasma torches:
  • PB-S47 W-2/O2
  • special torches for robot applications PB-S47 W-2 Robo
  • standard hose lengths 1.0 and 1.2 m

Technical data:

Mains voltage
(others on request)
(V) 3x 400 (50 Hz)
Fuse, slow (A) 80 / 50
Connecting power (kVA) 34
Protection class - IP 22
Open circuit voltage (V) 400(DC)
Cutting current (A) 40 - 130 (step-less)
130 A / 75% d.c.
100 A / 100% d.c.
Piercing, max. (mm) 25
Cutting thickness
- maximum
- recommended
(mm) 45 (material depending)
25 (material depending)
Plasma gases - Air, Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen
Cooling - fluid(Kjellfrost)
Ignition - High voltage
Weight (kg) 251
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1025 x 711 x 970