Kjellberg CUTLINE Range.
Kjellberg CUTLINE 20G

For cutting of all electrically conductive materials up to 20 mm material thickness.

Cutline 20G
  • with air cooled plasma torch PHT-31 G/L (length 6 m) and
  • with plasma gas air.

Excellently suitable in crafts, in small and medium-size companies and training centres, for repairs and on construction sites.

Suitable for straight, profile, template and bevel cutting in all positions, for piercing, for hole and slot cutting.

Characteristics of CUTLINE 20G:

  • High cutting performance.
  • Safe pilot-arc ignition by high-voltage impulses.
  • Running cutting start and running piercing possible, no reference point necessary!
  • Automatic power increase of the pilot arc at work-piece contact.
  • Soft start circuit at cutting start and piercing increases the life time of nozzles and cathodes.
  • Excellent cutting quality.
  • Small kerfs, low material loss, low pollution development.
  • 2 cutting current steps: 30 and 60 A
  • Plasma hand torch with central connector (length 6 m).
  • Oil and water separator as well as justification of plasma gas pressure by reducer/cleaner on rear wall.
  • Transportation also by crane (4 crane hooks) or fork lift possible.

Optional accessories:

  • Circle attachment.
  • Wheel guide (ensure constant distance between torch and work, also for safe cutting of contours).
  • Distance cap for template cutting.
  • Distance cap for nozzle saving cuts.

High labour safety:

  • High labour safety by shock-proof with safety shut-down at cutting with hand torch.
  • Control of the plasma gas and the thermal load of the plasma cutting system.

Technical Data:

Mains Voltage (V) 3 x 230/400 50 Hz*
Fuse, slow (A) 35/25
Connection power (kVA) 16
Protection class   IP 22
Insulation class   F
Open circuit voltage (V) 275
Cutting current (A) 30/60
Duty cycle (d.c.) (%) 50
Thickness - quality cut
                 - maximum cut
(mm) 15(material depending)
20(material depending)
Plasma gas and cooling   Air, 0.5 MPa
Air consumption l/min 117
Ignition   High Voltage
Weight (kg) 74
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 670 x 490 x 880
*On Request 500V
  • EN 60974-1, VDE 0544, EN 50078, EN 50192, EN 50199, VBG 15 (UVV 26.0).
  • CE sign, manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
  • S sign, applicable to welding jobs at work places with increased electrical endangerment.