Kjellberg CUTLINE Range.
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Kjellberg Finsterwalde.

Founded in 1922 by Oscar Kjellberg. The name stands for the striving towards the highest technical knowledge in plasma cutting for the benefit of our customers.

This benefit is reflected in the excellent quality of the results and outstanding efficiency of the equipment.

due to
  • their own technology and product development in close collaboration with numerous research institutes, partners and users.

  • continuity and reliability when dealing with partners.

  • transparency and openness on internal activities.

  • encouragement of creativity and competence, sense of responsibility as well as a strong team spirit of staff.
Kejllberg cuttingPlasma equipment for cutting of electrically conductive materials up to 160 mm

Here the plasma cutting principle was developed in the early
sixties together with the Institute Manfred von Ardennen
in Dresden.

Also today Kjellberg Finsterwalde continues the improvement
of the technology.

Innovations are
  • economic plasma cutting of mild steels up to 30 mm with oxygen with the XL-Life system.
  • swirl-gas technology ensures plasma cutting of high alloyed steels and aluminium and its alloys.
  • HiFocus technology for cuts with laser-like quality with power sources of the HiFocus series.
  • cutting of high alloyed steels between 1and 6 mm, metallic clean and free of dross with HiFinox technology.
and also
  • Further decrease of squareness and inclination tolerances of cutting surfaces of mild steel through the new technology HiFocus PLUS.
  • Quick-change plasma torch for rapid exchange of torches or consumables, especially for automated operation.
  • Nothing like it worldwide: plasma gas control unit FlowControl - unmatched by controlling the gas flow and therefore safe adjustment of constant gas mixtures.
  • Offers users improved cost effective plasma cutting compared with other techniques.