Kjellberg CUTi Range.
Kjellberg CUTi 90

90 Amp plasma cutting inverter with air cooled plasma torch. Only 17 kilos in weight. Recommended cutting range of up to 30mm material thickness (steel) and can go up to 35mm for a separation cut. 100% duty cycle at 55Amps. CUTi 90

Excellently suitable in crafts, in small and medium-size companies and training centres, for repairs and on construction sites.

Suitable for straight, profile, template and bevel cutting in all positions, for piercing, for hole and slot cutting.

Powerful and Reliable

  • Efficient cut quality at all electrical conductive materials due to up to date inverter technology, step-less current setting, high cutting capacity and advanced plasma torch technology.
  • Reliable field proved hand plasma torches with protection cap and safety circuit.

Economic and Productive

  • Low energy consumption due to innovative inverter technology.
  • Light weight plasma power sources, strong cutting performance.
  • More flexibility and mobility.
  • Cost saving air plasma technology.
  • Efficient air cooled plasma torches.
  • Supplied with consumable starter kit and torch tools.

Flexible Handling

  • Easy handling and versatile use of all accessories, like cap for template cutting, contact cap, bevelling cap, circle attachment, special consumables for corner cutting (up to 70A), and so on.
  • Comfortable handling during transportation and operation because of low weight.
  • Central torch connector(*) with safety circuit ensures safe and fast torch change and easy transportation.
  • CUTi 40 with main adapter applicable for connection to a single phase socket (16 A) with reduced cutting current (max. 30A).
  • All CUTi are suitable for use in environments with increased hazard of electric shock.
  • Integrated air filter and regulator keeps the plasma gas clean and the cutting process stable.

*CUTi 35C has no central torch connector.

Circles, Straight Lines, Corners and Profiles

Extended consumables for cutting at inaccessible parts of the work-piece.
Corner cutting
Guide wheels with circle attachment for circle cutting as well as for straight line cutting along markings.
Circle cutting
Guide wheels