Hypertherm Plasma Systems.
Why Hypertherm?
The Hypertherm advantage. 
Cut quality and consumable life.

Hypertherm plasma provides more consistent cut quality and longer consumable life than other plasma manufacturers.
Parts cut by Hypertherm remain consistent from the first cut to the last.
  • Hypertherm plasma technology consistently delivers the optimal mix of cut speed and cut quality to minimize secondary operations and maximize productivity.
  • Simple user interface, rapid set-up and quick-disconnect torch improve productivity.
  • Hypertherm plasma cuts, bevels and marks a variety of metals, thick and thin.
  • All Hypertherm plasma systems endure rigorous reliability and exhaustive life testing procedures in Hypertherm laboratories.
  • Testing procedures backed by four decades of experience guarantee Hypertherm quality you can count on.
Operating Cost

Hypertherm plasma operating cost is less than half of the competition's.