Hypertherm Plasma Systems.
HyPerformance Testimonials.
Hypertherm have tests that prove HyPerformance plasma mechanized systems deliver incomparable HyDefinition cut quality at half the operating costs. By incorporating Hypertherm’s proven HyDefinition and LongLife technologies, HyPerformance plasma boosts overall performance, productivity and profitability. The systems offer unmatched process flexibility to cut, bevel and mark metals up to 64 mm (2-1 /2") thick.

But don't just listen to what we have to say – listen to what users are saying about their HyPerformance systems . . .

“It is amazing compared to our oxy-cutter. Wow look how fast this thing cuts and the quality. Nothing I think comes close. Thank you.”

Bralin Laser
Brian Joseph, 3rd shift Foreman
Industry: Metal Cutting and Fabrication    Equipment: 1 HPR260 system

“I have retrofitted a HD3070 at one of my customers, with the new Hyperformance retrofit kit with excellent results in improved cutting quality, improved cutting capacity and remarkable extended consumable life. This retrofit can be recommended to anyone with a existing HD3070, it's well worth the initial expense!”

MultiCon Entrepreneurs
William Botha, Owner
Industry: Systems Integrator    Equipment: 1 HPR130 system

“The best advice for anyone interested in the plasma industry is to go Hypertherm. I have (3) machines that get pounded 23 hours a day and they are bullet proof. Service is great but rarely needed.”

Schaffer Speciality Welding
Barry Schaffer, President
Industry: Plate Burning    Equipment: 3 HPR130 systems

“Great! The HPR260 has improved quality and production in our shop by 40% or better.”

Everett Steel
Leonard Berman, President
Industry: Steel Distributor    Equipment: 2 HPR260 systems

“Great machine - very dependable"

Paul Ambrose, Maintenance Manager
Industry: Manufacturer    Equipment: 2 HPR130 systems

“We have been able to increase production 40% by cutting with the HPR260 oxygen plasma. No more grinding, filling large gaps from hand cutting, faster cutting speeds.”

Lindholm Welding
Mike Lindholm, President
Industry: Truck Body Equipment    Equipment: 1 HPR260 system

Went from HD3070 to HPR130 power supplies - Consumable cost decreased significantly. Start life increased significantly. Lower pitch in sound during cutting. Lowered maintenance labour.”

Rugby Manufacturing
Gary Dillard, Industrial Engineer
Industry: Truck Body Equipment    Equipment: 4 HPR130 systems

“Increased cut speed and material thickness. Longer consumable life.”

Hoffmann Inc
Bill Ziegtenhen, Fabrication Manager
Industry: Steel Fabrication    Equipment: 1 HPR260 system