Kjellberg Machine Plasma.
Kjellberg Plasma Cutting Systems. 
We have a wide variety of mechanized plasma cutting systems available to meet your plasma cutting needs. Choose the type of cutting you are interested in to view the mechanized cutting solutions that we have to offer.
HiFocus Systems with PLUS Technology
All-round plasma cutting units for CNC guided cutting of electrically conductive materials with plasma machine torches and air, oxygen, nitrogen or argon/hydrogen as plasma gases.

HiFocus 80i, HiFocus 130, HiFocus 160i, HiFocus 280i & 360i, HiFocus 440i
FineFocus Systems with PLUS Technology
Plasma cutting units preferred for CNC controlled cutting of all electrically conductive materials with guiding machine or robotic system.
FineFocus 450, FineFocus 800, FineFocus 1600
CutFire Systems
Plasma cutting units for cutting of all electrically conductive materials up to 20 mm (maximum cut) with an air cooled plasma machine torch.
CutFire 50i, CutFire 90i
PA-S Systems
Plasma cutting of all electrically conductive materials up to 70mm (max.) with fluid-cooled hand or machine torch. Suitable for straight, profile and bevel cutting in all positions, for piercing, for hole and slot cutting, for gouging.
PA-S25W, PA-S45W, PA-S70W
HiFocus Systems.
FineFocus Systems.
CutFire Systems.
PA-S Systems