Kjellberg Hand Plasma Systems. 
We have a wide variety of manual plasma cutting systems available to meet your plasma cutting needs. Choose the type of cutting you are interested in to view the  solutions that we have to offer.

Excellently suitable in crafts, in small and medium-size companies and training centres, for repairs and on construction sites. Suitable for straight, profile, template and bevel cutting in all positions, for piercing, for hole and slot cutting.
Cuti Range
Plasma Cutting Inverter for cutting up to 50mm material thickness (steel) with air cooled plasma torch.

CUTi 35C,  CUTi 40,  CUTi 70,  CUTi 90,  CUTi 120
CUTi Range
CutLine Range
For cutting of all electrically conductive materials up to 40 mm material thickness, with air or water cooled torches.

Air Coole
CutLine 20G, CutLine 40G

Water Cooled
CutLine 20W, CutLine 40W
CutLine Range