Cutting in action.
MS832 Torch
The latest in oxyfuel cutting torch technology.
Heavy duty injector mix torch suitable for Propane and Acetylene cutting of mild steel.
With a cutting capacity of 3-300mm.
MS832 Torch
MS832 Torch Consumables
  • Internal ignition: reliable, no pilot burner, no cleaning or setting.
  • Injector mix gases.
  • Uses wide range of Messer nozzles.
  • Separate shut off valves for easy maintenance.
  • Solid brass construction.
  • 32mm diameter 250mm long shaft.
  • 3-300mm Cutting Capacity.
  • Piercing up to 130mm.
  • 2 piece nozzles with re-usable outer and replaceable inner pieces.
Innovation In OxyFuel Cutting.
Do you want the best performance from your cutting machine?
Change your existing cutting torches to the Messer MS832 with high-speed cutting capabilities.

Special Upgrade Prices Available.
(inc. Valves & Flashbacks)