Cutting in action.
Increase your oxyfuel flame cutting production by as much as 45%
If you are using VVC high speed cutting nozzles at the moment – by switching to Messer Gricut 1230 or Gricut 1280 high performance cutting nozzles you can increase cutting speeds between 9 – 45% over the thickness range up to 300mm. Preheating times are reduced due to a concentrated heating flame.
Gricut 1230-PMYF Inner Nozzle.
  • A special coating on the nozzle gives benefits of:
  • Improved cutting quality.
  • Lowest slag adhesion.
  • Longer service life.
  • Higher cutting performance.
Innovation In Oxy-Fuel Cutting.
Gricut 1230-PMYF Outer Nozzle.
Nozzle comparison chart.