Cutting in action.
ALFA Oxyfuel Cutting Torch
The latest in oxyfuel cutting torch technology.
Torch with magnetic height sensing integrated in the nozzle with no external parts. Optimum plate utilisation through accurate sensing right to the edge of the plate.

The height control Sensomat® ALFA is easy to use with digital display of the current operating status. Allows quick nozzle replacement without any tools needed.
ALFA Torch
ALFA Torch Consumables
  • Internal ignition: reliable, no pilot burner, no cleaning or setting.
  • Nozzle height sensing: accurate height control right up to the edge, no external rings to knock or break.
  • Unaffected by: slag spray during hole piercing, mill scale or rust on plate surface, water.
  • Quick change nozzles: no tools required.
  • Advantage of Messer Gricut & Vadura cut speeds without high gas pressures.
Innovation In OxyFuel Cutting.