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Derwentside College Invests in New Plasma SpCutter Machine.

Messer Cutting Systems have recently manufactured a bespoke machine tailored to the requirements of Derwentside College, this new machine is to replace an existing Messer machine that has been used now for many years.

The new SpCutter machine has a 1mtr x 1mtr cutting bed which specifically suits the college needs to match all of their other bespoke equipment.

It comes complete with Windows based CNC touch-screen controller and the latest Powermax Plasma Cutting Power source to move the college into the latest cutting technology. The machine is also fitted with the latest Anti Torch Collision Bracket and has Arc Voltage Height control during cutting, Single side long travel AC digital drives (Double side also available). All of these features will ensure all students are fully trained and prepared with the up to date equipment requirements in their future employment placements.

As part of Messer Cutting Systems software package we offer what we call “Software Education Contract Agreement” which means college’s and schools with Messer machinery are entitled to as many software licenses as they require, again this will teach the students the most up to date software and nesting packages that are available.

All in all we believe this new investment from Derwentside College mirrors exactly what they say in their mission statement.

Mission Statement: “Derwentside College will provide the best possible education and training opportunities to enable all of our learners to reach their full potential. We will develop our learners’ skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to make a positive contribution to a successful economy and community.”

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