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Introducing New HyPerformance HPRXD Plasma Family of Products!

Hypertherm is pleased to launch the HyPerformance Plasma HPR130XD and HPR260XD systems, the new generation of HyPerformance Plasma! The new HyPerformance Plasma HPR130XD and HPR260XD systems combine Hypertherm’s patented HyDefinition® and LongLife® technologies with the patent pending PowerPierce shield technology which enables extreme piercing capability. In addition, all of the HyPerformance Plasma HPR130XD, HPR260XD and HPR400XD systems will now enable the patent pending True Hole technology. Orders are now being accepted with shipments to begin 26th October 2009.

HyPerformance Plasma delivers HyDefinition cut quality with greater consistency, faster cut speeds, longer consumable life and half the operating cost of competing technologies. With over ten thousand HyPerformance Plasma systems in use worldwide, the HPR product line has become the plasma system of choice for customers who demand performance they can count on. By incorporating Hypertherm’s proven HyDefinition, LongLife, PowerPierce shield technology for extreme piercing capability and now the new True Hole cutting technology, HyPerformance Plasma HPR130XD, HPR260XD and HPR400XD systems boost overall performance, productivity, profitability and flexibility.

PowerPierce Technology

All of the HyPerformance Plasma systems now come with PowerPierce shield technology, introduced last year on the HPR400XD, which enables thicker plate piercing capabilities. Patent-pending PowerPierce shield technology gives the HPR130XD and HPR260XD systems an extra 20 - 25% of production piercing capability when compared to previous HPR130 and HPR260 systems, for industry leading production piercing capability.

True Hole Technology

The introduction of Hypertherm’s new patent-pending True Hole technology for mild steel enables significantly better hole quality than what has been previously possible using plasma. The results are delivered automatically without operator intervention, to produce unmatched hole quality that surpasses the competition. True Hole technology for improved hole quality requires an HPRXD Auto Gas system with True Hole enabled CNC, THC, and nesting software.

Robotic (structural steel) and Bevel Enhancements
  • More robust lead sets for use in high flex applications.
  • 114 mm torch sleeve with patent pending integrated bearing design for infinite rotation (this is optional).
  • A torch laser pointer for programming assistance and teaching (this is optional).
  • Voltage divider board (30:1 voltage ratio) for easy integration with robotic controls (this is optional).
  • Leather overwrap for greater protection against molten spatter in robotic and bevel applications.
Other benefits
  • New 80 amp mild steel bevel process for thinner bevelling capability.
  • Argon marking process for improved marking on mild and stainless steel.
  • Ohmic tab design that is integrated into the torch.
  • Improved overall system reliability and robustness.
Upgrade Kits Available

Upgrade options will be available for all existing HyPerformance Plasma customers, including the HPR400XD installed base.

As of October 26, 2009, all new systems will ship as HPRXD systems. Non-XD HPR130 and HPR260 systems will be obsolete with HPR specific spare parts available for a minimum of 7 years.

Launch Date

Orders accepted immediately - Shipments begin 26th October 2009.