Messer News
September 2008
Cortina CNC.
The Cortina CNC (KS30mk11) panel developed in the UK by Gary Buck is now in full production. Several customers have already placed orders, with interest also been shown throughout Europe. (more)

Euro Blech 2008.
See our latest innovations at the Euro Blech 2008 exhibition. Hanover - 21st to 25th October 2008. (more)

Process Mapping Programme.
We have received additional funding from the North East England Investment Centre for training. It is envisaged that the training courses will commence in October with a Process Mapping Programme which will help us to identify areas for improvement. Health and Safety training is also an ongoing process and this year has seen all of our engineering staff accredited with the "Health and Safety Passport".
Our accident record remains at zero - long may it continue!

July 2008
Kjellberg HiFocus 440i.
Our first Kjellberg 440i has been supplied in the UK. This world leading plasma system heralds a new level of precision and productivity. (more)

April 2008.
PipeCutter Goes Global.
The Messer PipeCutter is leading the way in pipe profiling and has now being launched onto the global market. With projects already completed and ongoing in Europe the Pipecutter is set to take the world by storm. (more)

March 2008
New Product Launch - Portacut
We are proud the announce the launch of the Portacut, our latest portable automatic gas flame cutting machine. The compact motor driven gas cutting machine for straight, curve, circle, bevel and multi-bevel flame cuts (up to 300mm). (more)

February 2008
We are proud the announce the launch of the MultiThermEco, our latest cutting system. With gas and dry plasma cutting as well as HF Punch and ink-jet marking. (more)

January 2008
Our Commitment to Health and Safety
We encourage a health a safety culture in Messer Cutting Systems and another major step has been achieved. Our Service Engineer’s safety training programme has progressed the majority our engineers now have achieved an accredited “Passport to Safety”. This comprehensive safety training demonstrates our commitment to safety and phase two of the training is now designed to ensure that all required personnel obtain this qualification in January 2008.

Quality Products = Happy Customers = Healthy Sales
Our commitment to quality has again reflected in encouraging customer responses and the company continues to raise its share in the market. Trends for 2008 in new machine sales, retrofits and upgrades, service and consumables are already showing encouraging signs for the continuous growth of Messer Cutting Systems.

Process Excellence
Our process excellence programme will continue in 2008 with projects to improve all aspects of the company. The pilot trial has highlighted that improvements can be made in all areas of the business and has proved beneficial to the company, customers and suppliers. December 2007
Investors In People
Messer Griesheim Ltd awarded the Investors in People accreditation. An investor in people develops effective strategies to improve the performance of the organisation through its people. This award highlights the commitment of the total workforce to our customers by applying a continuous improvement culture.

A Merry Christmas to One and All.
The response by Messer staff for donations this festive season to “Help the Aged” and “Children North East” has been very much appreciated. Both charities have extended their gratitude to all employees for their overwhelming response.

October 2007
Kjellberg - 85th Anniversary of Kjellberg Finsterwalde
140 guests accepted the invitation from Kjellberg Finsterwalde and witnessed the premiere of the HiFocus 440i plasma cutting system. (more)

September 2007
Hypertherm - Improving Plasma Cut Quality. Best Cuts Begin with System Components
Plasma is a quick and inexpensive way to cut metal. It can also deliver excellent cut quality. How can you be sure you’re getting the best possible cuts from your system? Hypertherm expert Tex Whiting offers some pointers in this article from the September edition of The Fabricator. (more)

August 2007
Kjellberg - 20 Million Euro Investment Program
An extensive programme of rationalisation and expansion investments by the Kjellberg foundation as a shareholder of Kjellberg Finsterwalde. (more)

May 2007
Hypertherm - New 50-amp Mild Steel Consumables Now Available for HyPerformance Plasma Systems
Hypertherm announces the release of new 50-amp cutting consumables for its HyPerformance plasma systems. The oxygen consumables were designed specifically to optimize the operation of HyPerformance plasma when cutting mild steel with a thickness between 22 gauge (0.8 mm) and 5/16 (8.0 mm) of an inch. (more)

Kjellberg - Longer Plasma Cutting with YellowXLife
New Kjellberg consumable part system extends life time considerably and reduces set-up time and operation costs. (more)

March 2005
Modern Cutting Technology in Magdeburg: Environmentally Friendly Plasma Cutting
This cutting process facilitates the production of highly accurate components from steel and aluminium because of its high cutting speeds with resultant low heating of the material being cut. This increased accuracy compared to conventional oxyfuel flame cutting satisfies the increasing demands of many users from the metalworking industry. (more)

January 2005
The Viaduct of Millau, France - Technical Masterpiece
The highest Freeway bridge in the world, the Viaduct of Millau, has been officially opened for traffic by the French President on 16.12.2004. With a height of 345 m, it is 20 m higher than the Eiffel Tower. Despite its length of 2.460 m and 36.000 tonnes of steel incorporated in it, the bridge was completed in a record time of only 3 years by the company Eiffel. (more)

MIG Acquires MEC Group from The Carlyle Group
Global private equity firm The Carlyle Group today announced to sell its 51% stake in MEC Holding GmbH to Messer Industrie GmbH. Messer Industrie GmbH, the holding company of the Messer family, based close to Frankfurt am Main, will thereafter own 100% of the MEC Group. (more)

October 2004
Improved Precision and Efficiency with the Revolutionary New Gas Flame Cutting Torch "ALFA"
Exactly 100 years after the development of the World's first gas flame cutting torch, Messer Cutting Systems, Groß-Umstadt, is presenting a completely new generation of gas flame cutting torches. The new ALFA torch is extremely insensitive to external influences, thus making especially precise and effective work possible. (more)

Global Control - The New Intelligence in Automatic Plasma and Gas Flame Cutting
Messer Cutting Systems, Germany, working with its centres of excellence in the USA and Asia has developed a completely new generation of cutting system controls - Global Control. This new development with an operator interface based on Microsoft.NET technology is claimed to be the most modern and flexible control for all plasma and gas flame cutting and marking centres. (more)

Hypertherm - Optimizing Consumable Life in Mechanized Plasma Cutting
In a properly functioning system, three key factors affect consumable life: number of pierces (stresses to the electrode during arc initiation and termination cause hafnium erosion), cut duration (heat stress developed during long cuts erodes the hafnium) and material thickness (thick materials require higher output current, which causes more rapid hafnium erosion. In addition, thick materials take longer to pierce, causing increased nozzle and electrode wear). (more)