Part of the Messer world.
1898 - Adolf Messer forms the Frankfurter Acetylen-Gas-Gesellschaft Messer & Cie. in Höchst for the production of acetylene developers and light fittings.
Adolf Messer
1903 - Ernst Wiss develops the first hydrogen-oxygen cutting torch at Griesheim-Elektron. These are followed by machines and equipment for gas welding technology.

1908 - Chemische Fabrik Griesheim Elektron
begins operation of its first oxygen plant.

1965 - Birth of Messer Griesheim GmbH under Hans Messer. Merger of Adolf Messer GmbH with parts of Knapsack-Griesheim AG from Hoechst.

Hans Messer
- World-wide first CNC and Laser cutting machine on market.

- Founding of the production and sales units in Menomonee Falls, USA and Kunshan, China.

- The company celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Stefan Messer
2000 - Founding of the MEC Holding by merging of Messer Cutting & Welding GmbH and the Eutectic Castolin Group.

2004 - The Messer family again owns 100% of the company.

2005 - Messer launch their state of the art European distribution centre.

2007 - New general manager appointed to Messer Cutting Systems (UK).